• I'm sorry? My existing Nodebb install on DigitalOcean is running on Ubuntu 14.04.

    On DigitalOCean I can create another Droplet next to Nodebb on Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Coreos or Centos).
    My existing Mybb forum is on a MySQL5 server.

    I was going to use this

    to set up Mysql on OceanDigital in a new droplet to be able to import my existing Database to tried to import in afterwards in Nodebb.

  • I just installed MySQL on the same server, didn't need apache, or any of that, literally just MySQL, don't even bother with phpmyadmin, you can do it through terminal. You will need to upload your database to the server though to import it into MySQL.

  • Thanks a lot a_5mith!

    How do I import the database into MySQL on my server using terminal? I have a .sql file on my desktop.

  • @TaLoche You could temporarily (S)FTP into the server and upload it into your root folder, you connect via SFTP on port 22 with your usual username and password, then, close that connection once it's uploaded, and in Terminal, do.

    sudo apt-get install mysql-server
    mysql -u root -p
    USE export;
    source <yourfilename>.sql

    That will give you a database to connect to called export, you could connect to it using, then use root for the username, and the password you set up during apt-get install.

    If it can't find the sql file, you may need to write the absolute position of it, so for example, /home/user/ or something like that.

  • @TaLoche You need to create the database & user first, then:
    mysql -u USERNAME -p DATABASE < file.sql

    Just saw that a_5mith already gave you a answer.

  • @a_5mith Thanks a lot for your help, it worked like a charm! Imported my whole database with no errors!

    @Nifty I went back to importing my Mybb forum in Nodebb and I get this error. Users and category are imported fine but I can't import my topics.

    Importing 0 topics.
    current phase: topicsImportStart
    current phase: usersImportDone
    Importing 46/46 users took: 0.94 seconds
    Importing 46 users.
    current phase: usersImportStart
    current phase: categoriesImportDone
    Importing 9/9 categories took: 0.21 seconds
    Importing 9 categories.
    current phase: categoriesImportStart
    current phase: resetGlobalsDone
    current phase: deleteTmpImportedSetsAndObjectsDone
    current phase: deleteTmpImportedSetsAndObjectsStart
    current phase: resetGlobalsStart
    current phase: purgeUsersDone
    current phase: purgeUsersStart
    current phase: purgeCategories+Topics+PostsDone
    current phase: purgeCategories+Topics+PostsStart

  • @TaLoche Which Version of mybb are you using ?

  • @Nifty My Mybb version is 1.6.12
    Do you think I need to upgrade it in 1.8 before doing my database export?

    My forum is in French, could the accents been an issue in the import?

  • @TaLoche They change a few fields from 1.6 -> 1.8. I can give you a modified export if you like. It's not a big deal. The accents should not be a problem.

  • @Nifty You're the man! So I just send you my DB export and you would be able to modify the export?

  • @TaLoche No need for a dump. Give me 10h to check it out.

  • @Nifty You have 10h Jack Bauer style then. Thanks again!

  • 😎

    Now you're talking!

  • But it all has a price... :

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    @Nifty let me know if you run into issues

  • @Nifty said:

    But it all has a price... :

    Some people go skydiving to experience life on the edge, I run master NodeBB in production. 😆

  • @Nifty said:

    But it all has a price... :


    I'm okay with that kind of invoice to pay, since I'm stuck without you!

  • @TaLoche It was the soft delete option of Mybb1.8. I removed it. Just Upgrade the import plugin and you are fine.

  • @Nifty Thanks a lot for this!
    I gave it a go and it didn't work. So, I started a fresh installation of Nodebb and Mysql, exported my database in Mysql and this time, I got the users, the categories and the topics. But in each topic I've only got the first post (OP).

    A few topics have all their posts but that's like 2% of the topics.

    Sorry to bother you with all this!

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