• postbit in topic like other forum software

  • What exactly do you mean? This is a very vague request.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Nodekko I think that's unnecessary clutter, personally. But a plugin developer here may take interest.

  • I miss the layout vbulletin 3 & 4 has 😞 I'm studying up on jQuery a little more so I know how to make actual Plugins lol

  • This could mostly be done with a template change, the API will already return the following data (pasted at the end of this post), so you could add certain info already, like user Postcount and Reputation directly to the topic.tpl. You could then probably get the api data for each user in a topic and use "joindate" to display when they signed up.

    "user": {
                "uid": "970",
                "username": "a_5mith",
                "userslug": "a_5mith",
                "reputation": "779",
                "postcount": "2168",
                "picture": "https://i.imgur.com/Nf3xsUg.jpg",
                "signature": "Redacted for ease of formatting",
                "banned": false,
                "status": "online",
                "groups": [
                        "name": "3rd Party Developers",
                        "hidden": "0",
                        "userTitle": "Plugin/Theme Dev",
                        "icon": "fa-cogs",
                        "labelColor": "#2b8000"
                        "name": "Community Representatives",
                        "hidden": "0",
                        "userTitle": "Community Rep",
                        "icon": "fa-bullhorn",
                        "labelColor": "orange"
                "custom_profile_info": []
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    As good as it sounds (not really)... its on the profile and it takes 1 click to check their join date and one click back to return to the topic. -_-. Its not hard to do, but its useless information in the topic itself - thats just my opinion. The only dates I'd want to see is when that user posted in the topic. That's about it.

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  • @Nodekko Post number can be done by using posts.user.postcount wrapped in { and }, which will output {posts.user.postcount} - You'll need to quote my post to see the code. It parses it. 😆

    I don't know what a "degree pic" is, if you have a screenshot of what sort of data you are looking for, I can point you in the right direction. 👍

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  • @Nodekko

    Erm, almost, join date currently isnt' in the topic api. However everything else should be. You would just need to work out how to style the reputation into the bar that's on vBulletin. I've applied the code you'd need into a pastebin, as it will just get parsed here.

    - You will need to style it and add it into the template files though.

    Which will give you (assuming this works)


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  • @Nodekko Yepp, use nodebb-plugin-import and the package name you want to use for your importer is nodebb-plugin-import-vbulletin. Both are on github with documentation.

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  • @Nodekko You don't really need to know about programming unless you're making plugins. The template engine uses a form of HTML here. The code that handles the sidebar in posts is here in Lavender.

    I don't quite understand what you're asking about changing from vB to NodeBB. That would be your choice, it's possible though.

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