Blog system ?

  • Not like @psychobunny 's "cms" plugin, but a "full featured" blog timeline, or widget.
    You can simply use the composer and create "blog post" forum topic, and they are served/used like every topics, but in a full page 🙂 and reply can be see when you "clic" on the "blog post"

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    @Technowix Perhaps this would work best with better integration with Ghost. When I think blog, I think of Ghost. They have already a sustainable platform using almost the same technology as NodeBB, so why reinvent the wheel?

    But if you're referring to something else like an "article" or "journal" system, then that makes sense. Would be pretty interesting to see how this would turn out, not to mention if anyone would be up for the task of open sourcing something like this.

    This sounds like a premium plugin. :squirrel:

  • GNU/Linux

    SMF it's fork ElkArte uses a mod call Simple Portal which does almost the same. It is open source as well.

  • @trevor Yeah, a journal, a little thing for write little informations 🙂 ! Like lot of, like say @meetdilip , portal system on some forum.
    We can't really use ghost because we want a full integrated blog/forum, so use 2 softwares is pretty unproductive on the theme ^^'


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