• I made some changes and bug fixes to this plugin. The latest version (0.0.6) works with nodebb 0.6.0 or higher only. Here are the notable changes:

    Usage Examples

    To use this plugin in a post just insert [whoisin] anywhere in a post. Here are some other examples of using the shortcode:

        [whoisin title=(Will you attend this event?) iamin=(Yes I will!)]
        [whoisin iamin=(I'm down!)]

    Current Features

    • One whoisin widget per post
    • Ability to add and remove yourself
    • Allows custom title and button name in shortcode
    • Automatically subscribe user to the current topic

    I hope you will find it useful.

  • this plugin is awesome but i had some thoughts and maybe a bug

    • first off, there should be an option to make it first post only
    • second, say i have 100 users "in" does it show them all or stop at a certain number or once it meets the width of its container? maybe make it only list 5 people then plus some more, like this
      [avatar] [avatar] [avatar] [ + 10 more people ] [ X ]
      and clicking the more brings up a popover with all "in people"

    there also seems to be a bug on the user profile page where if this was used in a recent post, its displayed to both logged in and non logged in users but cant be interacted with. it doesnt display avatars, just [ + I am in! ] [X]

  • @zero thanks for the feedback! I'll try to add the features you requested and also will see what that bug is all about.

    If we add a feature like limiting the number of avatars that are displayed by default, I would rather it be customizable with a default parameter.

    I likely wont have time to work on this until next weekend. If you want anything changed quickly feel free to send a PR 😄


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