Bootstrap 3.3.0

General Discussion
  • Here are some of the highlights:

    • Added a handful of new Less variables for easier customization.
    • Removed recent progress bar changes for low percentages.
    • Removed all instances of translate3d as they improved repaint performance, but also added several cross browser bugs.
    • Added transforms to improve carousel performance in modern browsers.
    • Updated Normalize.css and our H5BP print styles to their latest releases.
    • Improved accessibility for navs, panels, tooltips, buttons, and more.
    • Resolved dozens of JavaScript and documentation bugs.

    Full Changelog

    Brief mention of Bootstrap 4 too.

    • Updated grid system with at least one additional tier for handheld devices.
    • A brand new component to replace panels, thumbnails, and wells.
    • A completely new, simpler navbar.
    • Switch all pixel values over to rems and ems for easier and better type and component sizing.
    • Dropped support for IE8.
    • Tons of form updates, including custom form controls.
    • New component animations and transitions for several components.
    • UMD support throughout our JavaScript plugins.
    • Improved JavaScript positioning for tooltips, popovers, and dropdowns.
    • Brand new documentation (written in Markdown, too!).
    • A new approach to configuring global theming options.
    • And hundreds more changes across the board.
  • My apologies. 😆 I copy pasted it straight from Bootstraps blog. Didn't even look at the formatting really until I'd posted.

  • @a_5mith said:

    A brand new component to replace panels, thumbnails, and wells.

    Hahah, poor @psychobunny. NodeBB was designed against Bootstrap 2, and Bootstrap 3 introduced panels, which @psychobunny had already created. They looked the same too.

    Now panels are going away XD

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