New relic nodejs agent is not compatible with NodeBB forum

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  • As mentioned in their website

    I tried adding new relic package into my nodeBB install by adding


    above line to app.js at the beginning. I got the data on my New Relic dashboard and forum was seem to working fine but
    after few days I realized my logout and other plugin routes were not working. here is the console log.

      warn: [hotswap] Could not find router in stack with hotswapId `plugins`

    and also while logout

      warn: [hotswap] Could not find router in stack with hotswapId `auth`

    after removing the new relic agent from app.js its working fine again.

    I just wanted to let other nodeBB forum administrators to know about this issue if they face same problem.

    @ankitpr89 I have looged this issue at there forum. You can alos understand this issue from here.

  • Yeah this is a known issue, the hotswap functionality and newrelic doesn't play nice together.

  • @vatsal Specifically, the "hotswap" plugin (actually, it's built into core, but it should be a plugin) and the newrelic module both modify the application stack using the same method.

    It may be possible to have the hotswap plugin work properly with newrelic, but I haven't the time to check right now 😦

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