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  • I wanted to share a bug from my android tablet, so I took a screenshot and I wanted to upload it here. Then I noticed the fact that in mobile view there is no upload buttons in the post editor neither are any bold italics and other formatting buttons. Since majority of net users are logged in from tablets and smart phones, this is a must fix problem. Another bug is that usually in android when we request for desktop version of a site, we get it, but nodebb forum still shows the mobile version when I explicitly request for desktop view through chrome browser.

  • There is no desktop version and mobile version. It's the same page. It's called responsive design. It uses the bootstrap framework.

    It's all down to the width of your browser window, so if you're on a tablet or phone, you'll get what fits. 👍

    The composer bug has been reported previously and should be fixed soon.

  • gh#2293 thanks!

  • This post is deleted!

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