Ptengine - Analytics & Heatmaps etc.

  • Free to sign up, gives you limited features, but heatmaps is one of them I believe. Set up was pretty simple, just add the script to an HTML widget and you're away. 👍

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Did you ever get your Hotjar beta? 🙂

  • @julian said:

    Did you ever get your Hotjar beta? 🙂

    I was next in queue about 2 weeks ago. But they had an issue. So, not yet. 😆

  • Admin

    I got the hotjar beta email earlier today actually

    EDIT: PM and I'll link you, I don't have time to mess around with it at the moment

  • @psychobunny said:

    I got the hotjar beta email earlier today actually

    I actually had received the email, I just, missed it. 😆

    I ran it previously for a week or two, and found it was hammering page load times, so I removed it. They sent me an automated email along the lines of "we've not seen you for a while", which I replied to with "it was hammering page loads, so I binned it",

    I got a personalised reply back from the head of engineering yesterday asking to help me look into it, gave me 2 years free and explained that they'd recently updated their hotjar scripts to use websockets rather than, something else. So I'm now utilising my free 2 year package with the ability to record what people do on my site. 😄

    I've also linked them to NodeBB if they need a support forum. 😄


  • Admin

    haha wow, and thanks for the rec, that'd be cool if they started using NodeBB 👍

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