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  • Hi.

    Was in 0.5.0 and tried to upgrade to 0.5.1.

    I followed the process step 1 to 3 but without success.

    I have an issue at git checkout v0.5.x :

    npm-shrinkwrap.json: needs merge
    error: you need to resolve your current index first

    Pull is not possible because of unmerged file. I don't really understand what I could do for this merge.

    Maybe I've broken something somewhere...
    Looks more as a simple git matter problem but I don't get out of it. If someone can help me...

  • @Frédéric-Coubard I think git reset --merge should get rid of that error.

  • I did it.

    After that, when making checkout v0.5.x I got this :

    Already on 'v0.5.x'
    Your branch and 'origin/v0.5.x' have diverged,
    and have 17 and 676 different commits each, respectively.

    If I make a pull after that :

    CONFLICT (add/add): Merge conflict in npm-shrinkwrap.json

    I have the feeling of a never ending loop 😞

  • Have you made any changes locally to your version of NodeBB?

  • Nope. That's far from my capabilities.

    Could it come from a former mistake being on master branch ?

  • @Frédéric-Coubard said:

    Nope. That's far from my capabilities.

    Could it come from a former mistake being on master branch ?

    This should do it. But I'm not 100% confident with github myself @julian, would you mind confirming this before I give the wrong advice. 😆

    git fetch origin
    git reset --hard origin/v0.5.x

  • We learn trying, waiting for better advice 😊 .

    Result :

    HEAD is now at 62477c7 fixed #2214 - each individual thread will create its own logrotate write handler, because if one is closed, everything crashes in a cascade effect because we're calling .write() after .end(), bleh.

    And if I make a pull after that :

    Already up-to-date.

    So, trying a nodebb start...

  • NodeBB restart.

    Yet I have this warn in log :

    warn: [plugins] The action:app.load hook is deprecated in favour of static:app.load, please notify the developers of the following plugins:

    • nodebb-plugin-emailer-mailgun
    • nodebb-plugin-emoji-extended
    • nodebb-plugin-google-analytics
    • nodebb-plugin-topic-badges

    And this issue :

  • Warns can be ignored. The ENDIF --> is a template issue.

    You can try npm install [email protected] and npm install [email protected]

  • Ok I ignore these warns then :).

    After stopping Nodebb, these npm install commands, and restart, no change, I still have this template issue.

    (Accessed to the admin page manually, whouaou, nice this 0.5.1 🙂 ).

  • Now your themes are too new XD

    npm unl nodebb-theme-vanilla nodebb-theme-lavender
    npm i nodebb-theme-vanilla nodebb-theme-lavender

  • @julian fantastic that works 🙂

    Thanks a lot.

    Great community 😊. Hope this issue could help some folks like me not really fit with git and npm 😊.

    Have a nice day.

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