Configuring Email Notification on Heroku

General Discussion
  • Has anyone who runs NodeBB on Heroku configured email notification? In particular, I want to let site visitors know when someone replies to their post. The daily digest is less important.

    It looks like I need to add a 3rd party mail service like postmark or mandrill to the Heroku account for the site, and then add a plugin for the service. Is there anything else required, or time wasters to avoid?

  • Having an email dispatched when someone replies to a topic you follow is not currently in NodeBB, mainly as I'm worried about how it might inadvertently spam users who have followed a lot of topics.

    What are your thoughts on that concern?

  • That makes sense as the default (not sending an email on every reply to a topic you follow). I'm thinking of two scenarios: 1) email user on every reply to a post they originate, and 2) alert a moderator by email to every new topic within an identified category.

  • The second one could probably be achieved with 3rd party tools already. The best one I can think of would be IFTTT. Each category has an RSS feed, therefore if RSS feed gets updated. Send email. Full IFTTT support would be great, I'm not sure how that would work, but being able to set up that sort of thing would be bloody brilliant. Maybe even baked into nodebb, so we can set up "tasks" similar to how works. Just with a betteR UI.

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