• Failed login attempt, please try again.
    Your account has been locked temporarily

    Why ?


    keys lockout:*


    I've tried everything

    I can not login


    login : admin
    pass : 19183423

    When a member automatically enters.

    try not made ​​out by the re-entry why ?

    help please..

  • Try this method instead of keys lockout

    Just this bit redis-cli DEL lockout:YOUR_UID if you're the first and only user, then your UID will be 1.

  • @a_5mith said:

    keys lockout

    (empty list or set)
    I've tried them all

    After taking the code there, sample : http://www.thelust.net:4567/reset/a5d45f-s4d5

    When you log back into the site with a code such as . I can not enter a new password error page instead steered away again.

  • Is there another way ?

  • That way should work, you don't need to reset the password, just deleting the lockout on your account should suffice, refresh your cache, or try a different browser (use incognito mode in your current browser) and test the existing password again.

    (empty list or set) would lead me to believe that that field is empty. Which means you're no longer locked out. Unless you're somehow connecting to a different database than what is set in your config.json. (By default, 0)

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