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  • May be we should use this thread to help ourselves make use of this plugin contest as well as let the developers know what we would be interested to have as a plugin for NodeBB.

    Some ideas I have in mind are

    1 . Fancybox

    Which pops up the image and allows us to browse through the other images in the thread without having the trouble of click the images one by one. SMF has something like this for those who want a reference.

    2 . Attachment browser / uploader

    An addon which can be enable by admin and can be assigned only to certain user groups to upload attachments. Admins can select which user groups can upload attachments. If someone want to insert a previously upload attachment they can simply insert it from browser Again vB4 have this one if anyone need a reference.

  • 3 . Auto Social Feed Plugin

    I guess people using Jetpack on WordPress are familiar with this. It is hard to manually feed every thread to FB, Twitter and G+. Instead, it will be nice to have a button visible only to admin called Send to Feed which will send the feed to FB, Twitter and G+ provided we have input the login details in ACP. By that way, spam and junk threads won't go to social feeds. It would be also nice to have batch selection enabled for the process for busier forums.

  • 4 . + 1, Like, Tweet Widget

    Xenforo has this by default. Yes, I know we can use a widget and use custom HTML code to the same. But it would be easier if we have plugin where we can do the same. +1 is hightly rated by Google and FB Like and Tweet has it's own benefits. Let's make NodeBB idiot friendly 😉

  • There's a topic for plugin requests already. 👍

  • 5 . User blogs

    Most people likes to have their own space on web. That is one of the best ways to get them participate and keep them active. I have seen many arguments go in favour of IPB just because they have a CMS, Blog. Some scripts even offer a download system for offering various goodies. But for use to keep it simple at the moment a custom page like user created blogs would be very much useful in my opinion.

  • @a_5mith said:

    There's a topic for plugin requests already. 👍

    Sorry, I thought it would be nice to have one specially for the contest. Please feel free to merge it.

  • if I'm honest, I was thinking of starting a thread like this myself, just to give people some ideas on what would be in demand and perhaps where you would get your vote. I did however forget about the original plugin requests thread 😛

  • 6 . Q & A page

    Turns NodeBB into a Stackoverflow style Q&A module. Literally it is the same. There will be a custom home page with option for user to ask a question and when clicked on Ask a Question people will be asked to select a category in which the question will reside. But user can interact it with it in front end itself. Nobody cares these days to find appropriate category and sub category to ask a question. They like one click solution. So categories and sub categories could made available as tag cloud which users can select from.

  • 7 . Troublemaker

    Helps make user experience terrible for trouble makers. Be creative 😉

    8 . Force ignore

    Put users under ignore each other by mods / admins. Helps a lot while dealing with people who do not like each other.

    9 . Ignore user

    Allows users to ignore posts / threads / signatures / avatars of their choice.

  • 10 . Background image

    Ability to insert a background image on forum background. It would be nice to have the position options as " relative " or " absolute "

    11 . Post via email

    I have seen it in some scripts. So won't be hard to do it.

    12 . Save as Draft

    Save as draft for posting at a later period

    13 . Scheduled posting

    Allows user to set publish time for drafts,

    14 . Gradient Colour Palatte

    Allows users to use gradients on tile instead of plain colours.

    15 . Cookies

    Something like Trophies in Xenforo. There will be a pre defined set of Cookies that users will be awarded based on different activities like,

    • First day on forum
    • First post on forum
    • Friend ( for reporting spammers)
    • Happy Birthday
    • Likes to come back
    • First 100 posts
    • First up vote received
  • @meetdilip my custom header plugin allow you to do this. Just place it on body in selector and do some CSS magic.

  • @esiao said:

    @meetdilip my custom header plugin allow you to do this. Just place it on body in selector and do some CSS magic.

    That is nice to hear @esiao . But would it be nice to have something like one click upload for default theme ?

  • @meetdilip I've tried to find how to do it but failed. I still want to implement it for a further version.

  • That's very caring @esiao 👍

  • Added 4 more requests.

  • Added one more ..

  • Maybe sum up all the requests in the OP?

  • @Schamper said:

    Maybe sum up all the requests in the OP?

    Sure. Once I sum up. I will do.

  • Global Announcements
    As an admin, the ability to create a new topic that shows up on all categories until viewed once, or permanently until a certain period of time has elapsed

    I was seconds away from adding this as an issue for core, then I realized this is potentially plugin territory. I hacked a similar idea in last month via the Custom JS/CSS ACP on this forum for the CMS critic nomination stuff, so imagine that it should be doable as a plugin itself.

  • @psychobunny Global stickies would be a good extension to the existing ones. Not that people ever read stickies, I've always found they get drowned out and glazed over.

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