Is a Xenforo-like Resource Manager possible?

  • Would a XenForo-like Resource Manager be possible for NodeBB? I just came up with the idea while setting up NodeBB for a friend

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    I don't it is beyond reach. But I will say concentrate more on core features at the moment. But if someone vouches for it, no one will be more happy than me.

  • Does this do anything other than just show some topics that would be considered resources? Three choices from plugins that already exist, custom CMS plugin and just build a quick template with links to resources, featured topics plugin (if it still works) put the widget in the sidebar or the cms plugin. Or, what I'd do, put them in a category called resources. I'm not really familiar with the backend of the resources addon for xenforo though. Only seen the front end, and I've only seen it link to topics. 😆

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    Do we have any method to attach files as of now ?

    Edit :

    Nope,** Featured threads **does not work. It never worked for me.

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    Can you explain what it is? I haven't personally used Xenforo before

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    @psychobunny said:

    Can you explain what it is? I haven't personally used Xenforo before

    Nothing special. A set of threads with downloads arranged in such a manner that it will be listed as download items. You can see the example here

    It is in demand with many sites and is a hot add on with Xenforo.

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