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    Haha @StuartH, you caught me. It broke for a couple days after the most recent updates, but it is working fine now 🙂

  • Haha @StuartH, you caught me. It broke for a couple days after the most recent updates, but it is working fine now 🙂

    And there's me thinking I was losing the plot:D

  • I do agree that some sort of wysiwig (even as an option that can be disabled or enabled) would be nice.

    A lot of forums do cater to non-technology friendly folks and although markdown is more efficient once you know it, some people get turned off by simply just trying something different.

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    The difficult part is that markdown was originally baked into the NodeBB core. It still is, partially, even though the markdown parser itself is a plugin.

    For example, even if you don't use the markdown parser, clicking the bold, italic, etc. buttons at the top still put markdown into the text field.

    These sorts of issues need to be addressed first before we can even approach WYSIHTML5 😞

  • For what it's worth, though it is not markdown - this is one of my favourites to work with lately:

  • I also think Markdown is the choice of the future, but ATM, it's too limited to use in a forum. For example, what if I wanted to add a spoiler to the post, or a dice roller, or float an element, etc. Currently, there's just no easy way to add these things to markdown is there?

    As far as BBC editor's go, I prefer the Sam Clarke editor: http://www.sceditor.com/

    Please, no bootstrap editors.

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    Our plugin system should allow you to extend additional features to what is present in markdown atm, see the Youtube/Soundcloud/Vimeo/Emoji plugins for example. If you wanted to add some syntax for example [/dice 1-100] (outputs random number between 1-100) this is pretty doable and I imagine it wouldn't be much more than 10-20 lines of code in a plugin 🙂 (in this scenario you'd need to save to the database what the original roll was, so a tad more complicated than the embed/emoticon plugins)

  • I just found this Markdown editor,

    Inline Syntax styling and instant preview and other cool stuff. 🙂




    I think it would suit **REALLY **well for the default NodeBB text entry.

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    I love it, its great how you don't necessarily need a preview tab because it also makes your MD text bold/italic etc

  • The more I use NodeBB and Ghost, the more comfortable I get with Markdown. Of course the automatic embed of URLs, images, videos, music, and others make many BBcode irrelevant.

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