Reddit ordinary user can create subreddit。Dose the nodebb ordinary user can create subforums?

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    Hello Community,

    New to Nodebb here. I have managed to successfully install and configure Nodebb.
    I have this design in mind. (We are an organization called Development United helping NGOs ) . I want to be able to

    get all categories listed as shown get a search bar Embed the forum (hosted on GCE ) into the main website

    Any help is appreciated. If you are a nodebb expert willing to help out - I'd appetite that as well.



  • Sub forums?

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    @Shard, interesting. I'm not running a test environment of the latest right now so I can't adequately say.

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    Any chance in the mean time?

  • Is NodeBB fast?

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    @a_5mith said:

    @meetdilip Yours definitely seems slower than it should be. I just tried and got 5.15 seconds, but each of your requests takes slightly longer. you're on digital ocean correct? Which server did you go for? Amsterdam 2 or New York?

    My homepage is loading in 3.18 seconds, but each request is completing faster for me.

    Getting for example took 900ms on your site, but only 163ms on mine.

    Thanks @a_5mith . Could please tell me what I should do. I use default lavender theme with just colours changed. Is that the plugins that is slowing down forum ?

  • NodeBB Blog

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    @psychobunny Which Ghost theme does the NodeBB blog use? I really liked it. A customized version of the Casper theme? Obviously I would like to have this theme: D