So, who's watching the Apple Conference?

  • @sdnyco said:

    @Scuzz In addition to having to reset it on a bi-yearly basis (and I am not the kind of guy who just downloads anything), doing simple things as synching music and files was a mess. It probably is much better by now, I just never felt like there was an unified vision (and thus user experience) in Android products.

    You've been able to drag and drop music onto the phone like a memory stick for years. Far superior to the iTunes abomination. Possibly the only thing that stops me wanting an iPhone. I've never backed up my iPad, because I can't cope with the thought of plugging it in.

  • Maybe that was the problem. I wasn't able to properly organise all of my pirated music. 馃檪

  • @sdnyco Drag and drop like a memory stick. The only time i reset my phone is when i try out a new rom.

    HTC and Samsung have their own sync programs too. I have never used them as drag and drop is so much easier.

  • The one thing I like about iTunes and iDevices is that it allows you to make a complete backup of the thing.

    Now, this is mitigated somewhat on Android by having your phone rooted so you can take a Nandroid backup, but it's not exactly user friendly, at least not compared to the one-click solution Apple offers.

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