Anyone in the UK want an EMBRACE+

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    Wassup, not sure on the legislation of listing things here, but I received my Embrace+ from a Kickstarter campaign yesterday, bought it for my other half who has an HTC One X, turns out it requires version 4.3 of Android or higher, it's a really nice bit of kit. There's a video of it here.

    It's on eBay if anyone in the UK wants it. If you're a reputable member on here, I may consider sending abroad, but you're paying the postage. πŸ˜›

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    @a_5mith said:


    That kinda seems useless now with the release of smartwatches.

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    I backed it in April of last year. It took 16 months for them to make it, despite having design mockups and prototypes of everything before receiving a quarter of a million to make it. πŸ˜†

    It's good for those that don't want to look like Michael Knight, but want notifications, I bought it for my other half, she works in a place where her phone has to stay in her bag out the back. So wearing this would alert her to texts from certain people via the changing colours/styles. However her HTC One X (a relatively new phone compared to the 2.3 minimum they stated when I backed) is not compatible due to needing android 4.3.

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    @a_5mith I can see it being really useful in that situation. Root the One X and install a rom with 4.3?

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    @Scuzz said:

    @a_5mith I can see it being really useful in that situation. Root the One X and install a rom with 4.3?

    I asked them that, they replied back with, we did try that, it didn't work on the One X, but it did on the Galaxy S3 mini... A phone I don't own.

    Helpful. πŸ˜†

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    Well if you don't find any takers in the UK, if you want to donate that to the next plugin competition we could pay for the shipping πŸ™‚ It's about time we got a new competition going, it's been a while

    Julian's on vacation next week so best to do it next Friday so that he has 0 chances of winning.

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    @psychobunny Potentially, they've offered to send me out another one for some reason, so I may take this off ebay and see what happens. πŸ‘

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    Haha okay, no pressure. We definitely do have to get a new competition up and running though

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