• @julian, I think it would depend on if the user wanted to even use the feature. This definitely seems to be a plugin to me.
    If users only want notifications to their own topics, as set in user settings, this could be useful to them. Users would of course need to be able to toggle the feature as well.

    While it's a neat concept, that I'd like to see for one use or another, I'm not feeling it should be core.

  • You'd be paying through the nose for the amount of emails that would be going out if you have a forum larger than a Sesame Street fan club.

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    @a_5mith That you would 😆 Would work best on somebody using a local emailer, for sure.

  • +1 as a plugin or optional feature. This is built in to Discourse.

  • Random thought, could this be handled through something like IFTTT? Let's say for example you have an account that can handle the amount of emails, setting the reply to address to something else (gmail for example) would give IFTTT access to it. Let's say if the subject is Re: topic title-tid then it would post to that topic.

    In theorem. As this would negate the need for a mailserver. As they utilise nearly an entire droplet on digital ocean. (I certainly can't run one on my 512mb droplet)

  • I think the way Discourse handles it is via a Gmail account over IMAP or POP. Still no mail server required there.

  • Admin

    Yeah I'd like to see this feature myself 🙂

  • Global Moderator Plugin & Theme Dev

    As for ticket tracking notifications, I would love to get email notifications for every reply that is made (make it a user-specific option though). If I could reply to the email to reply to the topic, that would make it even more awesome.

    On my phone, I get instant email updates, so if I could reply to the post from the email client, that would also be awesome.

    The email notification would be easier to implement (I think) than the reply.

    Making the number of emails sent before the user actually checks the website a configurable number in their options would also be an option. So a user would get a certain number of email notifications and then on the last one before the limit, there would be a warning saying "You have received X email notifications, you will not receive any more until you check the site again" or something along those lines.

    I hate having to check the website for a forum I use a lot just to check if there are new posts or messages for me all the time, so notifications are definitely a necessary core feature (or at least an official plugin).

  • Community Rep

    @julian said:

    My only worry @Ted, is that it would get a little hairy when NodeBB sends you an email every time somebody replies to one of your posts... though I suppose you could always unfollow.

    I don't think that we can overstate how critical of a feature this is over at http://mangolassi.it/

    The ability to unfollow and set mail preferences is also important. But our users are going crazy not getting an email every time that a thread that they are in or follow has an update. People expect that functionality as otherwise, how are they supposed to know when there is activity?

  • Scott's points are my points - I desperately want email following, but the ability to unfollow a thread is really critical as well.

    It would be nice to be able to sign-up for notices of any new threads that are added to a group.

  • I agree. I also would love it if the notifications for unread only showed threads you've responded to, not everything!

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    @A.J.-Stringham For now, we can at least offer the ability to "ignore" certain categories. Possibly we can extend this so that even if "category 1" is ignored, if you've subscribed to a topic, new replies for that topic will still show up in the unread page.

    How feasible is this @baris?

  • NodeBB

    Shouldn't be too hard to do, question is do we stop displaying topics in the unread page if you are not following them?

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    We could mix the two features together... so by default, you follow all categories, so all replies show up there.

    If someone wanted to change the behaviour of the unread page so that only posts which he/she has replied (or explicitly followed) are shown, then they can ignore all forums, and those topics will still show up.

  • Community Rep

    @baris said:

    Shouldn't be too hard to do, question is do we stop displaying topics in the unread page if you are not following them?

    I would make a separate thread for this BUT I think that the notifications need to be a bit more robust in general. On a busy site we get flooded with notifications that are useless. Tons of "upvotes" and no way to keep track of what you want to follow. Using unread is tough because you see the unread of everything, not only of what you follow. There needs to be some combination of a view of "new" posts and a view of all unread (like there already is) and a few of "unread of what you follow". Things like that.

    On Spiceworks they use a variety of views including emails of every response to every thread that you follow and an email of every new thread in every group that you follow along with web views of "latest post" and "latest unanswered" and the like. You need, I think, more than one view to get everything that you need. When a site is slow, unread is fine. When it is busy, that doesn't work as you can't unfollow something that you are not interested in as it will always pop up to the top again.

    MangoLassi is now at a point where people are struggling to keep track of what is going on. And our traffic easily doubled this week, so it is getting worse quickly.

  • Community Rep

    @julian said:

    @A.J.-Stringham For now, we can at least offer the ability to "ignore" certain categories. Possibly we can extend this so that even if "category 1" is ignored, if you've subscribed to a topic, new replies for that topic will still show up in the unread page.

    How feasible is this @baris?

    that's a good start. We have a "news" category that a lot of people do not want to necessarily follow. But when they want the news, they can navigate to it.

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    Please tell me, will soon be able to receive messages by e-mail? Whenever the name mentioned, in response to the topic.

    Very very very very right!

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    I myself could this be implemented? I would not want to do and then find the output update which will need to remodel or will it be done by you. Although, you do not think anything bad, please, I'm very, very interesting.

    I found a few files that are involved in this:

    Please send in the right direction for what else is required.

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    Still need to add a point below the alert from the chat
    Снимок экрана от 2015-01-17 15:28:20.png
    "Send an email if a new message in my post arrives and I am not online"
    "Send an email if a new message in post with My name arrives and I am not online"

  • I have a few suggestions for implementing the email notification and reply.

    1. NodeBB already has privilege section in the admin panel. We can add a "receive notification" option to the privileges. This setting will allow the admin to select groups which will be notified by default when activities occur in a category

    2. NodeBB can also provide a notification section in the user settings. The user can specify categories to receive emails; and the different activities to receive notification for.

    3. A user will automatically be notified about activities on a topic when he creates a topic or comments on one. There can also be a checkbox to allow users to unsubscribe

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