any plan for sub-category OR tags

  • @julian @a_5mith @psychobunny

    Hi Folks,
    is there any plan to implement sub-categories or sub-tags (user clicks tag A then tag B and it return content being tagged as both A and b B)?

  • @Technowix
    thx, that's Great! i will try it...i installed 0.5.1 a few days ago but didn't see subcategory (any special config to use it?). should i install 0.5.1 again to get the
    latest to use subcategory). what about category-specific tags (the tags belongs to a category)?
    i shoud not use the name "subtag" - what i mean is to allow user get contents which are being tagged by both A & b.

  • @Technowix Ooohh I saw it in 0.5.1! that awesome !!! Thanks!

  • Subcategories are presently only supported by the vanilla theme, and even then it's all on the backend of things. The Child categories don't acutally show inside of the parent categories...yet.

    This should be a simple tweak though, as @a_5mith mentioned to me the other day.

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