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    Um.... ok.

    How did you come to this conclusion?

  • SSO Plugin questions

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    I'm working with this SSO plugin skeleton: https://github.com/julianlam/nodebb-plugin-sso-oauth to create my own.

    I want to add a check to see if the user who is trying to connect to this 3rd party is already logged in to NodeBB, if so I would like to disregard the email address provided by the 3rd party sso and just add the other fields from the sso provider to his profile.

    The reason for this is becuase whenever a user is already logged in and tries to connect via SSO and that he is registered in that 3rd party with a different email address, NodeBB will create a new user.

    I can see that I need to add a check under the OAuth.login function but not sure how to check if there's currently a logged in session for this user.

  • npm question.

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    So turns out I've been committing plugins on two seperate accounts, because my brain cells have 410.

    I have 6 packages on one account, and 7 on another. I would like to combine them. As trying to publish my changes is giving me 403 errors. And I can't seem to logout of one npm and log in to the other. I'm all so very confused. 😕

  • Regex Question.

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    I'd like to help you out, but I'd need more specific inputs you'd like to read the ID and the parameters from.

    Currently I can just tell you that sth. like [\w\-_] is no clean regex since it's equivalent to [\w-] and the shorter the better the overview 😄
    Also the [^<a]+ out of the last full regex of @esiao would stop at the first a occurrence, not only at the first <a occurrence as it may suggest.
    So there are a few not-so-well parts within each regex I've seen yet and you didn't consider users who put the v=... parameter after other parameters within the regularUrls. And are you sure that it'll always be like <a href="...">...</a> and in no case the a-tag could get another attribute (My emoji-extended broke at some version because the code-tags got ^^)...

    If you want me to help you out with more clean regex (up to my knowledge) I'd likely help you if I get a few example URLs that cover all cases.
    Also if you'd be willing to learn regex syntax I'd try to explain my results afterwards 😉

    But for now I have to sleep first, good night zzz

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    Thanks! It is the right step toward allowing for images being saved on the server vs imgur. That's why I am using it among other reasons as well. 😛