Binpress Podcast Episode 4: Julian Lam of NodeBB

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    I want to upload images to S3 or CF,but there isn't plugins I found,so I store the picture locally
    How do I set images to be cleared automatically, or how do I set posts to expire and be cleared,please help me..
    The follows are not working .

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    @kenygamer I'm far from a developer. The folks at [email protected] are probably the best bet for a customer plugin. It sounds like you don't want to use single sign on (which relies on cookies or session tokens), you want to use a full on external database for authentication.

    I think from a user experience, cost, and level of effort; you'd be better just having the users register on the forums.

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    Your config file looks good, paste output of this command to rule out any user error?

    cat /home/javier/proyectos/foros/config.json

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    @Codejet good approach.
    And thanks for the info.

    I'll move us back to 0.6.1 from 0.6.x. It isn't a big operation, we anyway need to run a full import into a clean database when we do the final move.

    The experience with NodeBB has been really good.

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    @Oroton said:

    Can you Bridge nodebb with others so when it saves a new registration it can store username into a new DB

    There is a filter:user.create hook, so you could create a plugin to do that.