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    If any plugin authors refer to this thread, a form-to-post plugin would be simply amazing and would earn you +1 internets 😉

    Also, disabling RSS is now a core feature so we can strike that off the list.

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    Posting this here because it's a "nice to have", but is not on my priority list at the moment.

    A "compiled bcrypt" plugin would be very simple to do.

    Right now we use bcryptjs to hash our passwords. But what if somebody didn't want to use bcrypt? We could add a new hook filter:password.hash that passes in the plaintext password, and the plugins do their work.

    My rationale is for RPis, because bcrypt runs amazingly slow on ARM processors. The "solution" is to switch to compiled bcrypt (instead of js bcrypt), or lower the # of rounds (NodeBB defaults to 12). The lower the rounds, the easier the password can be cracked. No good. Having a plugin use bcrypt instead of bcryptjs would allow NodeBB to maintain the same # of bcrypt rounds, since it is a plugin that is using the compiled bcrypt lib, not core.

    ... oh, and there's a side benefit -- if people migrating from an md5-based password storage forum want to keep their passwords, then theoretically, they could use a nodebb-plugin-md5-password and store passwords in md5 instead. But...


    Edit: Oh hi @a_5mith, I figured you'd show up immediately after posting 😄

  • Haven't had my coffee, but sounds like @julian has a great idea. After I get some it might sound like a damn great one though.

  • NodeBB

    • Follow topics you reply to automatically
    • Show Users that liked posts

    Are done in 0.5.1

  • @baris said:

    • Follow topics you reply to automatically
    • Show Users that liked posts

    Are done in 0.5.1

    Amended my first post with that info. 👍

    @julian, pushbullet disrupting me watching the F1. 😆

  • Because I don't have as much time as I used to, if anyone fancies making an SSO plugin for Soundcloud and MixCloud, I'd be exceptionally grateful. 😛

    Also added this to the OP.

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    @Tanner said in The Plugin Ideas Topic:

    • XMPP integration with chat (have the protocol be tied to an XMPP server)

    I still really want this one. Or integration to Rocket would be even better.

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