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    The anti-RSS plugin I mentioned would be a huge help to me.

  • @a_5mith said:> @luke said:

    Here's some stuff I'd like to see:

    Not any I've used. 😆

    SMF has that feature, I know you've used that. 2014-07-15_07-29-56.png

    Isn't this possible with the custom homepage and one category?

    If it is, then we need some sort of guide imo.

    • The ability to delete a user account but put the email on a blocklist, which would be handy for spammers, because you could delete their content and burn their email address so they can't register again. Not sure if something similar to this exists in the NodeBB antispam plugin.

    Wouldn't work, spammers don't use the same email address, they use any host of temporary email suppliers, mailinator, gmx,minutemail + hundreds more.

    A better option here would be being able to specify a list of blacklisted email domains.

    That would be a better option, but I have had situations where I've deleted a spammer account and they've come back under the same email address.

    @Tanner Would love to see subforums for sure, but only if they're restricted to one level deep, I hate it when admins on other forum software go crazy with subforums.

  • @luke said:

    SMF has that feature, I know you've used that. 2014-07-15_07-29-56.png

    That looks like SMF 2.1, which has been in development for the past 3 years and is not recommended for a live site, SMF 2.0.7/8 doesn't have notifications. 👍

    To make sure we don't get any repeat requests etc, I'll add them all into first post (that could actually be plugins, not ones that are either being worked into core, or are already possible through core (mods can edit as required if something I've put as possible isn't etc)

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    @luke I don't think there should be a restriction on the levels, should simply depend on the needs of the forum.

  • Don't know if possible as a plugin. But I would absolutely love to see a ACF(wordpress) like plugin for user profiles.

    • Ability to create fields of different types.
    • Use them in templates.

    And a second one :

    • People who have seen this message.

  • @Tanner I agree, if people only want one child category, then one it is, if they want 20, so be it. However it won't be a plugin, I believe it's core.

    @esiao said

    • People who have seen this message.

    Message? Do you mean topic? Post? Chat message? Like a delivery receipt?

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    @a_5mith Why not make a master list of plugin ideas in the OP of this thread? That way anyone looking for an idea has one place to go.

  • @Tanner said:

    @a_5mith Why not make a master list of plugin ideas in the OP of this thread? That way anyone looking for an idea has one place to go.

    I have...

    ###Plugin Ideas###

    • Follow topics you reply to automatically
    • OP Mod status for that topic
    • Email domain blacklist
    • Disable RSS (could be done in Nginx I believe)
    • XMPP support for chat
    • Custom User Fields. (Favourite Cheese etc)

    Any new ones are added every now and then. (If they're legitimate plugin ideas, and not "Hurry up with 0.5.0" or "sub categories".😆)

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    What about the form-to-post suggestion 😛

  • @Tanner Missed that one... Shh 😛

  • @a_5mith I mean topic and post at first. Like the who's browsing but hidden under the posts and that you can toggle.
    And I add a new one :

    • List the person who liked a post. (I think the main one in that case to add some value to it).

  • Definitely will like to see Q&A features. To start just:

    • Choose best answer (and mark topic as solved)

  • @Mauricio Mark topic as solved is already available with nodebb-plugin-topic-badges

    Solved Topic

    Will add choosing best answer though.

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    Here's another one, unless I missed it and it's already out there somewhere: RSS to posts feed plugin, where you can link an RSS feed to automatically make posts.

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    Perfect! Thanks a lot @a_5mith

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    If any plugin authors refer to this thread, a form-to-post plugin would be simply amazing and would earn you +1 internets 😉

    Also, disabling RSS is now a core feature so we can strike that off the list.

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    Posting this here because it's a "nice to have", but is not on my priority list at the moment.

    A "compiled bcrypt" plugin would be very simple to do.

    Right now we use bcryptjs to hash our passwords. But what if somebody didn't want to use bcrypt? We could add a new hook filter:password.hash that passes in the plaintext password, and the plugins do their work.

    My rationale is for RPis, because bcrypt runs amazingly slow on ARM processors. The "solution" is to switch to compiled bcrypt (instead of js bcrypt), or lower the # of rounds (NodeBB defaults to 12). The lower the rounds, the easier the password can be cracked. No good. Having a plugin use bcrypt instead of bcryptjs would allow NodeBB to maintain the same # of bcrypt rounds, since it is a plugin that is using the compiled bcrypt lib, not core.

    ... oh, and there's a side benefit -- if people migrating from an md5-based password storage forum want to keep their passwords, then theoretically, they could use a nodebb-plugin-md5-password and store passwords in md5 instead. But...


    Edit: Oh hi @a_5mith, I figured you'd show up immediately after posting 😄

  • Haven't had my coffee, but sounds like @julian has a great idea. After I get some it might sound like a damn great one though.

  • NodeBB

    • Follow topics you reply to automatically
    • Show Users that liked posts

    Are done in 0.5.1

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