Any reason why the dual composer view was chosen over WYSIWYG?

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  • @David-McClure Excellent point. However perhaps this would help people work out that the composer they're typing in, doesn't necessarily equal the topic they're reading, as it's possible to reply to the wrong topic in certain circumstances, or perhaps clicking the toolbar at the bottom of the composer should take you back to that topic? Throw enough ideas, some of it will stick. 😆

  • I understand that the main discussion here is UX based and centred around the dual composer but the subject of markup was brought up so I thought I'd share this:

    This could perhaps work as a plugin and I've heard the author is keen to see his work being used by forum developers. Just a thought ...

  • Hi, I'm the s9e\TextFormatter author. I have a couple of Google Alerts so unlike Beetlejuice you only have to save my name once for me to appear. 🙂

    s9e\TextFormatter is a PHP library with a JavaScript port. It uses plugins to let the user pick and choose what kind of features they want. The JavaScript version is generated by the PHP library, which means you'd need PHP as part of your build process. Once the JavaScript is generated it can be redistributed easily so I guess you could bundle a preconfigured/pregenerated version. You can see a couple of live demos there: BBCodes+stuff demo, Fatdown (Markdownish+stuff) demo.

    The client-side rendering is performed with XSLTProcessor. Adding an MSXML fallback for IE is easy. Rendering in pure JS is technically feasible (there's already a pure PHP renderer) but I never got to it because I have no use for it. The library could be used as the base for a true WYSIWYG editor (where what you see is actually what you get because there's no conversion from HTML back to Markdown or things like that) but that would be a big project. I'd be willing to discuss any type of collaboration if someone's interested.

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