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    Finally, to make a summary, I met a strange problem when building nodebb: when I write a post, the uploaded pictures can be displayed normally, but the picture links cannot be displayed.
    The solution is to set "cross origin embed policy" to the state shown in the following figure:
    屏幕截图 2022-01-26 153145.png
    However, there is another strange problem. When you use "www.domain. Org" to access, you can display pictures normally, but when you use "domain. org", you still can't display pictures.
    You can configure nginx to make "domain. org" jump to "www.domain. Org" through 301。

    Welcome to my station,,Thank nodebb, thank Mr. cat(baris).

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    @sebastián-cisneros That error message looks more like the account you are running your web server under has no access to the file repository location c:\rockstarcoders\*

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    @limker said:

    Looks like your plugin will reject any user with a non-gmail account. Maybe you should check with a list of valid email domains, i'm sure you can find one easily on google.

    Actually I think this is a bad idea. Because anyone can run their own mailserver.

    Just check if the email contains an @ is enough for valid email testing. Most regex solutions will fail on stuff like:

    "this email contains spaces" which is a valid email address. An email address may even contain a @ character in the local part in some odd configurations.

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    @pitaj Something to note is that if the plugin has already been required, subsequent requires will still have module.parent pointing to the first module that required it.

    So... when NodeBB starts and it requires plugin-foobar, its module.parent is plugins.js

    Later, if plugin-barbaz requires plugin-foobar, its module.parent stays as plugins.js.

    So if you only require the module after NodeBB is done with it (e.g. defer requiring until it is actually required), you might be ok.

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    How to add more widget locations on home.tpl?

    I want add widget at the footer / header of home.tpl

    Not global footer.