This meta site seems slow

Bug Reports
  • It has random lag spikes within the first 10 pages I clicked. One of them was stuck for at least 10 seconds until I refreshed ( i think recent did it ).

    Registering took like 5 seconds.

    Is this server seriously underpowered or does the mass amount of messages make for slowed down queries?

  • Seems to respond about the same here as does, maybe even slightly faster. ML has even more posts and, I presume, more objects in the database, running on roughly the same code base (production 0.4.3, not rolling updates) and runs with plenty of memory and CPU and threading overhead.

    That's large lag, although we do see lag at ML like that from time to time. My guess is that it is coming from the database.

    Of note, ML expecting to be very large and distributed, uses MongoDB. I'm not sure if this community does or not.

  • Earlier, we were running into issues with certain plugins crashing NodeBB (since fixed)... whenever NodeBB crashes, the loader brings it right back up again, but there's a delay while the javascript is being compiled.

  • @julian Lies! It was the HN effect!


  • Haha not sure if we'll get a large lag spike like that again to know for sure, but definitely was a problem with a plugin, which was removed around 5PM EST yesterday. NodeBB was crashing anytime somebody went to a certain section in their profile, which as you can imagine was happening quite often

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