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  • Is there something I'm missing? I can't seem to get the last post in topic without having to scroll and load all previous posts. It' quite a nuisance.

  • @dylenbrivera you get an alert to go to last post, it was mentioned that the navigation on the top bar could be changeable to go to last post, but think it's still being worked on. 👍

    For a quick fix, just add /<post number> to the end of the URL. Post number being the last post in the topic.

  • Yes , this is really annoying!! Our forum members is complaining loudly now. Need a fix for this whole pagination/in-thread-navigation.

    Is the status stored in Local Storage in browser? I tend to switch between mobile/computer and this almost never works. If it is stored in client we should really consider moving the last-read status to server-side.

    Even scrolling to the bottom using the top bar button fails now. And when on mobile the topbar navigation is missing altogether (vanilla) and you have to scroll vigorously with you finger. If that was now enough the mobile browser somtimes (almost always) misses to do an ajax call when reaching bottom for the next page and you have to reload page and do this weird finger scrolling act again. This makes the forum almost unusable on my Samsung Galaxy 5. And my wife wonders what the heck i'm doing on the phone! 😉

  • @hek What is the problem, the jumping doesn't actually take you to the bottom?

    We used to scroll based on the post ID, but now it is by post index, so sometimes older threads would have a bookmark in the 1000s, even though there aren't that many posts in that topic.

    A workaround would be to hit the "x" in the top right corner of the post bookmark alert. That will clear the bookmark and allow a new (proper) one to be set.

  • @julian said:

    @hek What is the problem, the jumping doesn't actually take you to the bottom?

    Nope. It loads jumps around and I end up at the top post. But it is intermittent. Sometimes it works.

    I'll try clearing the bookmark (is it stored locally?) to see if it helps.

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