Anyone else running 14.04 Ubuntu through Digital Ocean?

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  • So, I'm having an issue with my droplet on digital ocean and I have no idea what's causing it. I installed nginx on to a new droplet, so before I did that, I ran sudo apt-get update then sudo apt-get install nginx. On restarting the droplet using sudo reboot now my droplet then won't reconnect via putty with Error: Connection Refused.

    Log in through the Admin Panel of Digital Ocean and it wants me to press Ctrl + D to enter maintenance mode. Contacted support, turns out my droplet was corrupted. So I went through the process of loading the recovery kernel and recovering everything. Nothing actually lost, followed the guides and got me back to where I was before. No data loss etc.

    This was 12 days ago. Since then I've got a new droplet which I'm using as a production, same steps, sudo apt-get update restart droplet, corrupted again.

    Now, I'm not sure if this has something to do with the fact that I've selected a 64bit version of ubuntu, even though it's only got 512mb of RAM, but Digital Ocean have no prior knowledge to any issues of this. And I'm not doing anything that's not in documentation.

    Any ideas what could cause this?

  • @a_5mith Hmm... we actually run Ubuntu 14.04 on our hosted droplets, so it worries me a bit to think that there's some corruption happening. What datacenter is your droplet located on?

  • @julian Amsterdam 2. This is the first digital ocean have heard of it and running fsck does fix it with no loss of data (that I can see, I can't access lost+found unless I'm root) but like you say, it's a bit concerning.

  • I'm using Ubuntu.

  • Im using debian 6 and 7 on Digital ocean... neven had an issue in 2 years.

  • i have use the Arch linux, Arch linux is great, but after startup, is not start eth0 this is really bad, i can't connect with ssh, and i must restart the network via the web. maybe is this problem ? i try new on ubuntu Nodebb with redis..
    but why to install a nginx ?

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