is this possible with nodebb? "Omnichannel" for staff where "staff/select users" can use it to stay connected with internet and focus on the forum ? Thank you.

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    In persona by clicking on the user icon who wrote the post, you could see a quick status about the user, such as how many posts he wrote, etc., after upgrading to Harmony there is no such option, and by clicking on the icon you reach his profile page.
    Is there a plan to add this? Or is it your design decision?
    We miss it very much

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    @kadmy , sure: upload the file controls.png from the plugin folder \node_modules\bxslider\dist into NodeBB assets. The file looks like the bitmap below.

    Then change the LESS to

    .my-wrapper { box-shadow: none; border: none; .bx-prev { background: url(/assets/uploads/controls.png) no-repeat 0px -32px; } .bx-next { background: url(/assets/uploads/controls.png) no-repeat -43px -32px; } }

    This file contains the standard bxSlider. But you can use any other icon. Just upload it or point to the url of your preference.

    Please update to v0.1.2 for more fixes.

  • NodeBB + Wiki?

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    @Anvh said in NodeBB + Wiki?:

    Will let you all know how Ghost will work out for us if we go with that.
    If someone has some tips in how to integrate Ghost into NodeBB then that would be very welcome.

    Check out @psychobunny screenshot of what nodebb and ghost looks like. Maybe that will work for you?

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    Ignore me. The docs answer my question:

    Run grunt to start up NodeBB and watch for code changes.


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    @julian It's in a container created by the plugin which also is meant to tie it to the forum container. I think you are right that it can't interpret the address correctly as I just tried a clean install but this time with mongodb and that plugin and had the exact same issue.