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    and here I had some suggestions to improve the look of iframely embeds...

    @crazycells said in [nodebb-plugin-iframely] IFramely Embeds:

    Hi everyone,

    If you are self-hosting free iframely, but not happy with how big it looks, unlike the paid one. Here is the most current CSS changes we use for the iframely.

    It is still not as pretty as the original iframely embeds, but I believe it is way better than the default one.

    Feel free to change/edit it as you like:

    .iframely-link .iframely-container { .img-responsive { height:120px !important; width: auto !important; overflow: hidden !important; } .iframely-meta { display: none !important; } .media { float: left !important; padding: 0 5px 0 0 !important; } .media-heading { margin-top: 5px; margin-bottom: 2px; } .description { position: relative !important; top: 10px !important; } .panel-iframely .iframely-embed .one-line { white-space: normal; } .panel-body { padding: 5px; } }
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    Created an issue and a PR with working markdown-it-multimd-table now 🙂

    The syntax really isn't too esoteric in my opinion:

    multiline - just add a slash at the end of a row and it will be merged with the next row.
    So the table from the first post would look like this: | Fruit | Price | Advantages | | :-------------- | :------------------ | :------------------- | | Bananana | first line | first line | \ | | second line | second line | | Bananana | first line | first line | \ | | second line | second line | if you want a cell to span multiple columns just end it with the amount of pipes equal to number of columns you want it to span. Essentially - create a totally empty cells without even a space inside.
    For example: | 2-column header || | :--------------------- | ----------------------:| | single column| single column | | two columns || Rowspan is done by including ^^ in the cell below the one we want to span multiple rows. So for example: | Fruit | Price | Advantages | | :-------------- | :------------------ | :------------------- | | Bananana | two rows | one row | | Bananana | ^^ | one row | headerless is self-explaining I think 🙂 Just don't add any header and do everything the same way as it was done.
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    Do note that nodebb is a forum platform, not a CMS. I've seen some awful attempts at trying to shovel a CMS into a forum platform in my time. SMF springs to mind.

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    @psychobunny said:


    Thanks for the reply. I think technically we can check the box for all users by modifying the database...