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  • how to add a nav link?

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    You can drag items from there to the navigation on the left.

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    @pitaj ok thank you. I will check this out

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    If you have a NodeBB officially hosted forum, contact [email protected] for help regarding it.

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    Thanks.. As an emergency I just removed the topic call (I suspected it was that) every post in the recent list went from a few hundred views to 1k+ in half a day. There aren't enough employees in my department for that many views :). I was only using it to show up votes.. I would have just used the rss feed if I could have but it's hardly includes any information.

    Subtracting from the view counts sounds doable..

    Thanks again.

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    Question: Can each topic have cover image to look topic list page like image gallery?

    I'm not sure if I explained properly but I really wanna use this feature.
    I think it's possible but I'm not sure if I can do this by myself lol

    What I'm saying is that it's normally list of topic subject Text Only when you click any forum categories.
    But it will be much better if topic list showing with each topic cover image(preview image), for example, for viral photo categories.
    Just like pinterest grid layout.

    Can I know if this feature is easy to implement?
    And can anyone possibly show this feature if already using on your forum?

    skype: geekevtop

    Also looking for developers who can help me forum modifications.