System requesting Email Validation repeatedly?

Bug Reports
  • I had this sometimes with v2, that some accounts would keep giving a warning that email wasnt validated
    Upgraded to v3 and it seems to be a bigger problem because you cant ever get past that message.
    For certain users the validation email never arrives to inbox or spam box.
    Todays example was with a gmail account, is that a known problem?

    Probably not related but theres a long list of errors in error log, here are first few, what might have caused this?
    /v1/timelines/public 890
    /v1/instance/peers 711
    /.well-known/host-meta 682
    /.well-known/webfinger 674
    /users/.well-known/webfinger 672
    /users/.well-known/host-meta 672
    /v1/instance 624
    /static/terms-of-service.html 376
    /wp-login.php 345
    /.env 316
    /ads.txt 261

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