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  • We're using a pinned topic as a mechanism to display the 20 most recent changes to our application. I realize we could add new posts with the latest change, but I would rather not have a scrolling list of posts. Is there any way to update the timestamp of the first post/topic such that it shows up as "new/unread"? Preferably through the write API but failing that a DB update would be fine as well.

  • after you open this pinned topic, you can go to "topic tools" and then click "mark as unread" ... this makes the post unread for all users...

    additionally, if you want to specifically emphasize a change you can edit the first post without changing the original post itself but add the update separately...

    I mean something like this:

    original topic post

    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
    • ...

    update on Dec 27 , 2022: list is updated:

    • 10
    • 20
    • 30
    • ...
  • @crazycells of course you can also add the "updated post" to the top of the post as well, and keep the original/ old post below ...

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    const topicId = 5; const keys = db.objects.find({ _key: "tid:" + topicId + ":posts" }).map(i => 'post:' + i.value); printjson(db.objects.find({ _key: { $in: keys } }).toArray());

    You can save this in a file called query.js and then execute it with mongo localhost:27017/mydb query.js

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    @juan-g Yeah you can declare now above the code with var now = Date.now()

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    @_axe Hey there, in what situation do you have guest posts that have user data?

    Can you do a .getObject on one of the posts so we can see what imported data remains?

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