Unsolved restrictions for username selection

  • is it possible to restrict username selection for new users easily?

    let's say someone is registering as Michael, then nodebb assigns Michael 0 , Michael 1 , Michael 2 etc. to the following users with the same name...

    But, I prefer if NodeBB asks (forces) them to pick another username, so each person will have more unique usernames...

    Additionally, I think there should be a restriction to pick usernames with numbers only, such as "11111"... In the real world, no one has numerical names except Elon Musk's son "X Æ A-12 Musk". So, it would be better if more people are selecting more natural usernames...

    Of course, I understand, people will always find another way... But for example, I would be ok with someone picking "Michael1980", but I am just trying to limit the number of "unwanted" usernames.

    Is there any easy way to implement these restrictions?

  • NodeBB Admin

    I think the easiest solution is to use filter:register.check and throw an error if the username exists already or if it is invalid (like only numbers).

    So a plugin that only listens to that hook like this.

    myPlugin.filterRegisterCheck = async (hookData) {
    	// dont allow username 0,1,2,3
    	const exists = await meta.userOrGroupExists(hookData.username);
    	if (exists) {
    		throw new Error('[[error:username-taken]]');
    	// add your own checks & rules if you want
    	if (hookData.userData.username.startsWith('_')) {
    		throw new Error('[[error:invalid-username]]');
    	return hookData;

    The above would show an error if the username is already taken and prevent any usernames that start with _ you can extend it to add more rules like preventing all number usernames.

  • @baris this would only affect the registration process, right?

    I mean, activating this kind of plugin would not create any error with already registered users who are using the forum?

  • NodeBB Admin

    Nope the hook filter:register.check only fires when users are registering, it won't affect users already registered.

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