Kill EPERM error in dev

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  • I've just refreshed by DEV instance so that it is a replica of production, and when I attempt to start it, I get

    Error: kill EPERM
        at process.kill (node:internal/process/per_thread:221:13)
        at /home/
        at /home/
        at FSReqCallback.oncomplete (node:fs:197:23) {
      errno: -1,
      code: 'EPERM',
      syscall: 'kill'

    ./nodebb dev works fine, but I can't access once I kill the dev console. Production doesn't seem to have this issue, and works without problems.


  • Is that a v3 issue, or just an oddity you're seeing now on v2.x?

    Check the running instances to see which user is running ps aux | grep node

    Both loader.js and app.js should be running under the same user.

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