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  • I am now getting user feedback from about 6 test users. Not sure how to handle it in terms of bug reporting, because some of these may be features :), but I will just dump here and let you guys tell me:

    On just one of our machines - Win7, NodeBB communication (login, posting) just failed on all 3 browsers (Chrome, FF, IE). Other similar side-by-side systems worked fine on the same network. I suspect that there is something blocking websockets on that pc. Is there a way to troubleshoot that on a WinPC?

    Users have noticed that sometimes they are sure they are posting a new topic to a certain category, but that topic goes in to a different topic (perhaps the one they were last in?). One clue is that perhaps having similar titles of topics might have a bearing on why a post may switch over to another Category - the times this happened there may have been an exact match on the topic.

    Right after registering, users reported they could not edit or delete their own posts. One user saw that logging out and in would clear this up, and that did seem to help. It was as if the more the user worked in NodeBB the smoother the functionality. But first impressions...

    When users load their own image/avatars from local resources, they stay in the system while they are logged in - but the next day those images are gone/broken.

    One user put in his email address and was surprised to see an unexpected old picture of himself, that he had no idea where it came from. He did not think it was from his known social network ids. This bothered him. Maybe a clear understanding of where NodeBB can extract pictures based on email would be helpful.

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