Potential Bug in Forum (Private) Messaging

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    Ignore previous commit, this should fix it properly https://github.com/NodeBB/NodeBB/commit/071506eb7dc99e057b5bfde4543eadb75174a19a 👼

  • Linking private theme issue

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    Thanks for linking that. I'll subscribe to it.

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    Watch carefully the behavior of the field 'Confirm Password'.



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    Yes sure. I've got a backup of the db and nodebb from 0.5.7. As you think it's a db issue. Does it worth it to try to upgrade it again from this version?

    Edit: I restored the backup (0.5.7) of nodebb and the db, upgraded again to 0.6.1, I tried several times. It's still the same. I also tried to upgrade from 0.5.7 to master, and still the same. Always getting those websockets error in the browser console

    Edit 2: Alright so this time I tried a fresh install of nodebb with a fresh db. I can see all the default categories created by nodebb this time but I still see the websockets error in the browser console and still have got the same issue in the admin certainly to do websockets failing.

    Now I know it's not an issue with the db or the upgrade (I think) but maybe with the proxy in apache even with this https://community.nodebb.org/topic/3509/upgrade-to-0-6-x-issue/12 , it wasn't working. I precise that I've got apache 2.2.22 with wstunnel (more recent) backported.

    Edit 3: I directly accessed nodebb without going through apache proxy. I had no errors so I could have fixed the categories permissions. I still need to know why the proxy reverse can't handle websockets anymore after having upgraded nodebb.

  • [Solved] Mobile bug

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    Thanks brah all good now 🙂