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    @pitaj said in nodebb-plugin-emailer-ses? Not working:

    There is an SES preset in the admin panel under email settings. Maybe you should try that as well?

    That is what I ended up using.

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    @julian said:

    Redactor plugin v1.4.0 has been published with compatibility with NodeBB v1.0.0. Thanks all.

    Thanks for the effort but will be usable some day? I mean i think drew payed 500bucks for it and his contribution was very nice but ended up giving up cause he coudnt develop it alone and only a few helped on the project.
    So whats redactor situation? It lacks many features and the list of issues is long.
    should warn newcomers to use it at their own risk cause someone who begin using it cause will be pissed after some time and its not backward compatible to composer default.

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    Either works... I have npm push access, so I've been pushing from my repo, but yeah, yours is the original, so we should stick with that one.

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    I copied and pasted their html into a widget. This seems slightly easier though.

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    The first emoticons plugin has landed!

    To grab it, install it via npm:

    npm install nodebb-plugin-emoji-skype

    Keep in mind that this utilises new features not available in NodeBB versions until v0.0.7, so admins may want to git pull before installing and activating this module. Otherwise, the smilies will simply point to 404 pages.

    Git repository