Hello I'm AJB2K3 and I would like some help.

  • Hello I'm AJB2K3 and I would like some help.
    I work as an Admin for Community.M5Stack.com and working on some demo code that downloads and parses dad stored in a persons individual Json file.
    My first step is to get the forum avatar. I can access the avatar from the specified link using a computer but not on an M5Stack controller yet I can download the Json file to the controller.
    Would someone take time to give me some guidance please?

  • OK solved it now!
    The image has to have a data size less than 50Kb for the controller to be able to download and process.

    Took a bit of messing around and tweaking in GIMP but got it down to 24Kb and now it loads.

  • Community Rep

    @AJB2K3 Glad you got it sorted. And welcome to NodeBB! 🐕🌴 🌴

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