Have you migrated from old php forums to nodebb?

  • Anime Lovers

    Hi, I just want to ask that if you migrated to nodebb from old php forums (or forums in other programming languages but must be forum softwares before 2010).

    If so, has your migration to new forum software like this improved the population of your website in terms of activities of users, SEO, adsense revenue, donations, etc?

    Thank you if you can share me your experiences.

  • @noob111 not so much of a migration, but I wanted to start a new technology forum and choose not only a new domain, but also NodeBB in place of Flarum

    This was a hugely beneficial decision. The SEO (actually, the entire platform) here is so much better, and the engagement is well over what I'd expect a relatively new forum to be in a short space of time.

    However, as with all websites, SEO plus regular visitors, donations etc don't just "happen" - content is king as they say and if you or others post infrequently, then your content will become stale very quickly.

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