It shown "no post" on persona theme

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  • Sorry for a question on Priviileges setting.

    Actually my purpose is that I need to show the lastpost on the categories page in the guest group.

    I select "Find Category and Access Category" in the privilege setting.
    But the problem is I cannot show the latest post on the teaser.

    And I checked the posts tag is empty. May I know how can I solve this problem?

    Thanks and sorry for my poor english 🤕

  • @kai have you tried this setting?

    ACP > Settings > Teaser

    Screen Shot 2022-02-27 at 12.42.28 PM.png

  • @crazycells
    Hi , thx for reply

    Yes I trlied it. but the problem is it shown 'no recent post' when I not login.(Because I just set the no login person on visit post title only.)

    I think there is a api no return post in catetories page.

    Does it have any method that I can get the post title ?


  • @kai If the privileges are set up in such a way that guests cannot view the topic, then the teaser will also not show the post content.

    This will not be changed, because it is a leakage of information if we did show the teaser 🤔

  • @julian

    sorry for late reply.
    But I set the guest can access topic. Just not available the posts only.
    I can see the post teaser in category page. Just no shown in categories page only.

    Then, sorry to late for provide my nodebb informations:

    version: 1.17.0
    Node ver: v14.17.2
    git hash: 6b4ef46eadce177d51b609bf75df8acdaab61f0a

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