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    The last time we provided an update on our roadmap was in late February of 2020. Development has ebbed and flowed, but we’ve always tried to make time for contributing back to the open-source core if and whenever time permits.

    That said, it’s been far too long since an update was provided, so much so that people wonder if v2 will ever be released — so what exactly happened?

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    Sounds groovy to me. Particularly the migration away from Bootstrap a'la v3. 👍

    And no worries about the slippage. Technical Debt has always been a thing, long before the moniker. ROSS (Real Open Source Software) history is full of examples of foreseen real world problems tossing wrenches into the works of even the most carefully considered and crafted roadmaps.

    Rock on! 🎸

  • Community Rep


    v3 (SASS, front-end framework decoupling)... @baris

    💡 👍

    So when's V3 coming round the mountain? 😉 😁

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