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    I am trying to add a custom route to the navigation bar, however, I want its name to be translated depending on user choice, how can I achieve this? It is totally custom, so none of the plugins have this name.

    We have two main languages in our forum English and Turkish, I want to have the English version as default, but if a user uses the forum in Turkish, I want them to see translated version. Is it possible to achieve?

    A possible plugin idea?

    Previously, I had a similar problem after editing the registration page; however, since those keys were not in the NodeBB system by default; we could not translate those so I re-formatted the page to the default version.

    Pitaj suggested using an unused key from other plugins, but I am honestly not sure which keys are unused, so I did not take the chance.

    Is it possible to create a plugin just for this purpose? So, it can create "keys", so I can directly use "customize plugin" to use those keys and translate them?

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    You can definitely create a plugin that only has language files.

  • @baris said in translation in the navigation bar:

    You can definitely create a plugin that only has language files.

    thanks, I tried and it was successful. 👍

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