Unsolved Unable to upload a picture to the forum

  • I'm trying to upload pictures to the forum and this output appears to me
    Anyone know what the fault is and what can be done?

    Something went wrong installing the "sharp" module
    Cannot find module '../build/Release/sharp-linux-x64.node'
    Require stack:
    - /nodebb/node_modules/sharp/lib/sharp.js
    - /nodebb/node_modules/sharp/lib/constructor.js
    - /nodebb/node_modules/sharp/lib/index.js
    - /nodebb/src/image.js
    - /nodebb/src/posts/uploads.js
    - /nodebb/src/posts/index.js
    - /nodebb/src/topics/index.js
    - /nodebb/src/privileges/topics.js
    - /nodebb/src/privileges/index.js
    - /nodebb/src/categories/index.js
    - /nodebb/src/groups/update.js
    - /nodebb/src/groups/index.js
    - /nodebb/src/user/index.js
    - /nodebb/src/plugins/index.js
    - /nodebb/src/meta/configs.js
    - /nodebb/src/meta/index.js
    - /nodebb/src/start.js
    - /nodebb/require-main.js
    - /nodebb/app.js
    Possible solutions:
    - Install with the --verbose flag and look for errors: "npm install --ignore-scripts=false --verbose sharp"
    - Install for the current runtime: "npm install --platform=linux --arch=x64 sharp"
    - Consult the installation documentation: https://sharp.pixelplumbing.com/install)

    Thank you!

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    What OS? nodejs version?

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