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  • LIke I said, I'm quite impressed with NodeBB so far, I've participated in a couple of boards that weren't so up to date and even they were really nice.

    First thing I did though, to get rid of all that ugliness, what to track down theming in the settings and go to Darkly for the sake of my eyes. I just no longer care much for that bleach bottle supermarket blaring lights aesthetic.

    Okay, here's what I'm doing. Trying to decide whether I like NodeBB or Flarum for an upcoming project. And regardless, I'm also going to be looking for a way to migrate a few entire communities over from Discourse too (Those bozos won't even support their own product unless you can say "docker run").

    I guess the next thing I need to do is send a few PMs to myself and check out how Markdown is handled so I don't get on anyone's nerves lolz.

    In all of your guy's comparisons, most of which went waaaaay off-topic, I didn't read anywhere that anyone capitalized upon the fact that one nice attraction of NodeBB over that of Flarum, is that it's currently in the list of one-click installs at 😉

    Just thought I'd throw that in there 🙂

    Well, I gotta run, I've got a misbehaving mail server and one never knows how long those calamities will take to fix lolz.

    Glad to be here and I'm sure I'll be asking for a lot of community support in the future!



  • @tallship As a user with extensive experience and usage of both Flarum and NodeBB (I have two sites running NodeBB - https:/ and - the latter is mostly automated), I'm more than happy to help you answer any questions you may have in order to make a decision as to which you go for.

    However, I'd suggest doing that at rather than clog up the NodeBB community with Flarum related questions :). The main difference between Flarum and NodeBB are their chosen architecture - and speed is a huge factor in that. NodeBB remains slick and fast no matter what you add to it, whereas Flarum can be slowed dramatically with one extension if poorly coded.

    Flarum's core remains "lightweight" in comparison to NodeBB, but does not carry essential plugins or extensions out of the box such as GDPR, follow, IM, etc - in fact, it's quite a list.

  • The obvious clue bat here is that Flarum is based on PHP glue scripts. So you're always going to suffer that. No matter what. Mitigate? Sure. To various degrees. But yer' still sufferin'. NodeJS makes sense. Especially modern times. Warts? Indubitably. But as do all things. Take the good with the not so good.

    tl;dr?? NodeBB scales really, really, really well! 😜

    And is kinda' fun to work with. Cuz the devs are at the least, tolerable, and other times... pretty cool, even. 😎 🕶

    I would suggest you explore db backend options. In particular, MongoDB and PostgreSQL. Investigate scaling the system. Then ponder doing similarly w/Flarum. No contest fer' me. But, as w/all things, your mileage may vary....

    Have fun! 🐕 🌴 🌴

    Edit: P.S.; Asciidoc rules! Markdown drools!

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