There's a global footer...why no global header?

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    Well at first if you could, it would be enough to maintain a fork of the branch that interests you and use that to see it.
    Regarding the database, you could use atlas if you wish, it is also a free option. However, it will not work quite well due to the limitations of the service, although if it is for development and testing it could work (although I recommend using it locally for that purpose)

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    Not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but when using this site on mobile, the header often masks the top part of the screen making the first post unreadable.


    I've fixed this annoying bug (it's always been there but is now much worse with the NodeBB header that was added a while back) over at by making the header fixed and allowing other sticky elements to float over the top using z-index so not an issue as such for me, but thought I'd report it here.

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    @twissell you never asked the topic as question, but you can do so to an already posted topic by pressing the settings gear next to your topic title (next to reply button) and click ask as question.

    Then click the tree dots button on a reply (@PitaJ ‘s in this case) and click select as answer.

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    Theme And The Plugin will make it show

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    Hmm. That might make sense, maybe on plugin activate it appends to end and on deactivate it removes it