UNSOLVED Require users to enter email when signing up

  • I noticed that in the last update there is no obligation to register an email when registering.

    Is there no way to force users to sign up with an email address in such a way that it will not be possible to complete the registration process without entering an email address?

  • @shmuel4 Do you test it?

    This window came when you do the first step


  • @frankm This is not true. It still lets the user open Nick with no email at all. It's not right and it was not like that, why change it?

    Only after he creates his user is he asked to enter an email.
    I do not want the user to open Nick without providing a valid email address.

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Hi @shmuel4 -- we updated the email handling behaviour in v1.18.0 because we discovered that there was little benefit to requiring an email on registration because anyone could put anybody's email (including a fake email).

    We now ask for an email during the registration flow, and it is only added to their account upon confirmation.

    I will add in the logic to allow admins to require an email address upon registration. However keep in mind it still will not mean the user will have an email on file. Again, the email is only added upon confirmation.

  • I always get 504 "Gateway Time-out"
    When I place empty string.

    2021-09-3 o 23.40.04.png

  • NodeBB

    @waldi Which browser are you using? Does it happen on all browsers?

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