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    @flarum-türkiye said in Writing content without confirming email:

    However, one thinks that this can happen in general settings.

    It is a category-level privilege. It is done this way so that fine-grained privileges can be set for each category (e.g. only verified users can post in certain special categories)

    Your e-mail address has not been confirmed yet, please check your inbox for the confirmation e-mail. You will not be able to post or chat in the forum until you confirm your email address!

    I agree this verbiage is confusing and should be updated or removed altogether.

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    @yariplus to clarify, it's /api/me/, with the trailing slash. It is significant 🙂

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    ./nodebb reset just disables all plugins.

    Use nodebb without a command to see all commands. ./nodebb

    Welcome to NodeBB Usage: ./nodebb {start|stop|reload|restart|log|setup|reset|upgrade|dev} start Start the NodeBB server stop Stops the NodeBB server reload Restarts NodeBB restart Restarts NodeBB log Opens the logging interface (useful for debugging) setup Runs the NodeBB setup script reset Disables all plugins, restores the default theme. activate Activate a plugin on start up. plugins List all plugins that have been installed. upgrade Run NodeBB upgrade scripts, ensure packages are up-to-date dev Start NodeBB in interactive development mode watch Start NodeBB in development mode and watch for changes
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    For 1 I would be inclined to use clustering then reverse proxy the subdomains to categories. Rather than spooling individual instances for each. I've done this at my own site. will take you to the electronic category.

    You could then make a few changes to how your homepage/main website looks and do it that way.

    As an additional. Anything you're not sure exists, drop an email to sales [at] and they may be able to create what you need.

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    Oooh Thank youuu 🙂