NodeBB's Current Theme? (08/19/2021)

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  • nodebb run slow

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    when I first login in ,my home page loads too slowly which may be 6 seconds or more, how to fix this?I find this community is more fast than mine, what should I do?

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    The survey is now closed. Congratulations to Jacob Kresse who was the t-shirt winner, and tremendous thanks to all who provided feedback!

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    You can apply padding on the #content element

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    With all respect to the topic, the wekeast point of NodeBB is its unfriendly monetization options for webmasters, which keeps several people away from it. Missing app support is also something to mention, but for most webmasters money goes first.

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    @andreapernici said:

    I agree that the /category/ slug is not useful at all. Not useful from a Usability perspective and not useful from a SEO perspective.


    But why not putting a URL value in the database for the categories to get rid of the id and the /category/ slug?

    I agree, and to add to this: the /category/ and /topic/ slugs look a little bit weird on non-English installs of NodeBB. It would be nice if we can drop these for translation consistency.

    I don't mind the number in the url; that is also helpful if two topics share the same name.

    (Just wondering, is there an update for this request? 🙂 ).