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    @ningji check out the iframely plugin, that might do it.

    It would embed a info box, not the entire post.

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    On our version of NodeBB (v1.17.2) which uses the Redactor plugin for text entry, clicking the Redactor's Video button to embed a video, the dialog that opens suggests:

    Video Embed Code or YouTube/Vimeo Link

    But if you actually enter the embed code from Vimeo, it messes up the post to the point where the user can no longer edit it.

    On the other hand, a YouTube or Vimeo link by itself works fine.

    I know Redactor is no longer supported, but do you have any idea how we could fix this issue?

    Best Wishes,

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    Hi all,

    We are going to be using NodeBB for our company user group. My supervisor has asked if during the user registration if we can ask for a couple of more fields. Specifically we want to know either the company or institution the user is with and also an instrument serial number.

    What would be the process to get these added to our user database?


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    Ok. Looks like it was because of a incompatible plugin. The plugin in my case was nodebb-plugin-reddcoin . Its fixed now. Though i can't use the reddcoin plugin. Was a nice plugin 👍

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    Sorry for the ress, but I solve this in Persona with HTML and CSS, just declarating the Sidebar widget-area in categories.tpl and CSS to fix the categories width.
    I'm newbie with front-end, but this "fix" is functional atm.